The Crosses Veterans 'A' 440032168
Holmes Chapel Veterans 'A' 531133277
Congleton Veterans 'B' 621332405
South Cheshire Veterans 'A' 320126104
Wolstanton Veterans 'A' 310213230*
Holmes Chapel Veterans 'B' 500520400
Last Updated: Monday, January 21 2019
* (Holmes Chapel Veterans 'A' v. Wolstanton Veterans 'A') - Mary Hull wasn't registered in time to play the match against Holmes Chapel. R Raiswell
(Wolstanton Veterans 'A' v. Congleton Veterans 'B') - Wolstanton deduced 2 points for not fielding a team against Congleton 16/11/18. Ruth Raiswell
Results Outstanding
 DateHome TeamAway TeamvCal
12 Oct 2018 Wols 'A' Crosses 'A'
  Not Available
  Not Played
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