Dear Colleagues

Please make sure your fixture secretaries and anyone else involved in your club know about the following concerning playing against Cegelec.

The club have lost the use of their Almer End facility (Sir Thomas Boughey) for an unspecified period. This is to do with caretakers and being able to operate outside school hours. The club hope that it is a temporary situation and they can return to Sir Thomas Boughey soon. This may affect you if your club plays fixtures against them. Until such time as we can clarify what is going on, could you make sure you speak to or mail Mel Lievesley to coordinate. Fixtures can be postponed and re-arranged in these situations.

Cegelec are actively looking to use an alternative venue for the short term. If anyone can offer any ideas (they play on Tuesdays and Thursdays) please contact Mel urgently. If in doubt contact Mel or me.


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