After the year we have all had, there was some despondency and concern about the effect of the pandemic on Junior League. Some clubs were concerned for their futures. As it turns out we have made a positive if tentative start. Rather than launch straight into a formal structured league as we once knew it, we had an evaluation day at Alsager last Sunday (12th Dec). Some teams were able to play the standard format, and we recorded the results although they do not influence any tables or standings. Wizards are looking very healthy. Shavington, Crosses, Alsager and Canute are taking more tentative steps to return.

Elsewhere we had a number of younger players who we allowed to just play against each other in an unstructured environment. Basically we had three groups represented - Shavington, Alsager and Nantwich. They all played lots of games and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of them have barely started attending their clubs so games to 15 with a watchful adult scoring was the order of the day. All the games results were recorded so that we can gain some insight into how to plan the next session in January. The club coaches will now be working out the best design for this event. We will be starting a formal Junior League for the older players, staged over two sessions as normal. We might also be extending the unstructured side of things to encourage more participation. From a very unpromising outlook a few months ago we have the first stirrings of Spring growth in what is effectively a new Junior League. Considering that the senior league has stabilised nicely, the Over 65 group are well into it and now Junior League has made a good start - Crewe and District League is cautiously optimistic we can get back to where we were in the good old pre-pandemic days. Good Badminton for all from age 7 to 90 (or thereabouts!)

Thanks go to players, coaches and adult helpers from Alsager, Canute, Crosses, Shavington, Wizards and Nantwich for making it a really good session.

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