Published by, 23 October 2020

As we will all be aware from National news - restrictions tend to be tightening rather than going the way we had all hoped. As a result the Badminton community are no further forward in our joint efforts to breath life back into the league. If you do look at the web site periodically you will see that the results section is frozen around the time of the original lockdown. We still retail completion of the unfinished leagues as one option going forward. Until such time that we can set out some definitive plans we'll keep that option open with all of the attendant results. Up and down the country Badminton leagues have adopted a number of ways to resolve unfinished business. Some have inevitably just truncated the season with no outcomes, others have done a pools panel style declaration of likely outcomes. As there is no deadline or imperative to make that decision we are holding on.

As a reminder 4 of our 9 divisions were effectively decided as the teams on top could not be caught. However - the 5 remaining divisions had some fascinating potential and we don't want to lose that until such time as circumstances dictate we can't practically resolve it. Be confident that your exec are monitoring the situation locally and nationally and we will go into action whenever we can. In the meantime, if you are lucky enough to be getting a game, enjoy.