Published by, Friday, March 13, 2020

The Junior League concluded earlier this month. Here is a summary of the outcome:

Division 1 continued to be a three way affair. Nantwich found the second leg of the the fixtures as difficult as the first. They battled well but recorded a single game out of 36 in total. The three combatants were Wizards A, Shavington and Alsager. After the first leg in February Wizards had a small advantage. They pressed it home but not before Alsager did their level best. In the head to head Alsager came out 4-2 on top. Shavington fell further behind losing to both of these teams. Wizards ended up on 10 points after combining results from sessions three and four. Alsager ended up on 9 points by dint of the fact they has a 3-3 draw with Shavington in round 3. A great performance then from Wizards.

Division 2 also has a strong Wizards presence. Their B and C teams competed with Crosses. Sadly we could only field 3 teams in this division. Crosses had a better day and recorded 3-3 draws against each of  the Wizards teams. Wizards B held sway over their C team colleagues. Both Wizards teams had a slight edge over crosses going in to round 4. The victory over their C team ensured Wizards B of the trophy. This capped off a very successful day for the club.

Division 3 also has a Wizards team, joined by Congleton, Canute and Nantwich. Congleton had a good round 3 recording three victories. They backed this up with three more in the final round. With an unbroken record Congleton won the division. Canute proved themselves to be draw specialists recording four drawn matches in addition to losing twice to Congleton. Nantwich also managed a few draws emphasising how close the division was in the end. Wizards capped a good day for the club by finishing second.

Full results are available in the Junior League tab of the web site plus some attached photos here.