Published by, 18 November 2019

Round 2 of Junior League took place last Sunday (17th November) at Holmes Chapel. This was the last opportunity this season for promotion and relegation. This is how it worked out:

Division 1 had a clear battle for top spot between Alsager and Wizards A. Both teams had already beaten the division's other two teams - Crosses and Nantwich A. The match between them went to Wizards By 4 games to 2. The other match which decided the relegation spot was won by Nantwich convincingly enough 5 - 1. Crosses will now compete for the division 2 title when the league starts up again in the new year.

Division 2 had a firm favourite to begin with, given last years division 1 winners Shavington has been relegated in the first round not able to field a full team. This time they had a full squad and recorded three 6-0 victories against Wizards B, Congleton and their club mates Shavington B, thus securing promotion back to division 1. Both Shavington B and Congleton fielded 3 player teams. Wizards B capitalised by beating Congleton 4 - 2 and drawing with Shavington 3 - 3. In the relegation battle Shavington B beat Congleton 3 - so the latter are relegated to division 3 next time.

In division 3 Wizards C recorded 3 good victories against Canute 4 -2, Nantwich B 5 -1 and club mates Wizards D also 5- 1. They gain promotion to division 2 as a result. Canute and Nantwich B had very similar results on the day beating Wizards D and drawing their own match. They both ended up level in the table as a result. Wizards D prop up the table, though it must be said that they have a very young and physically small team who punch above their weight - watch out for them in the near future.

As always a full set of match resuts and league tables is published under the Junior Leage tab on the league web site