Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, Friday, February 8, 2019

The Quarter final took place at Holmes Chapel on Wednesday 6th February. With a last minute withdrawal we were left with three matches. The score sheets are attached. 

Weaverham (the holders) took on South Cheshire. The handicappers had felt that Weaverham would be the stronger team and awarded South Cheshire 148 points. It was expected that Weaverham would win all of the games. In the event Eddie and Barbara won a couple of mixed games against experienced opponents. All other games went with expectation. The scores before handicap were 373 to 224. After handicap this meant a result as close as it can possibly be. Weaverham won the match by a single point 373 to 372. For the record that is 0.05 points per game. Come on South Cheshire - who was it dropped that 0.05?

The second match was Goostrey against Northwich Meteors. This match caused the handicappers to think hard. Several junior or inexperienced players made up the teams alongside some of our most experienced colleagues. 5 of the events were 'halved' which shows that there was plenty of balanced competitiveness. Northwich were felt to be the stronger outfit and before handicap that was the case leading by 359 to 303. Goostrey had the handicap of 78 points and thus ran out winners 383 to 359 a margin of 24 points or 1.3 points a game.

The final match was as always a tough one to handicap as it involved a full strength  Welsh Row against a Canute team with two inexperienced players. As with the earlier games the gap was felt to be large and worthy of 148 points. Matt and Rebecca surprised many by taking a game off Jez and Claire. No-one saw that coming, well done Matt and Rebecca. Also halving against the odds were Kara and Christine who just edged out Zoe and mum Ruth. Probably the best upset came with John and Christine taking both games off Jez and Claire. Welsh Row led before handicap 354 to 318 a lead of only 36 points. The handicap turned that around with interest with Canute taking the match  466 to 354 or 6 points a game. No-one said this handicapping lark was easy.