Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, Monday, January 14, 2019

Earlier today (Sunday 13th) our Baxter Trophy team travelled over to Ellesmere Port and came back with the trophy. Our team were:

Jack Raiswell, Zoe Raiswell, Craig Eccleston, Steve Pickering, Jez Touch, Andy Martin, Roxanne Williamson, Sam Warwick - all from Welsh Row. Completing the team were Kara Robinson and Sylvia Ellis-Jones of Canute.

They beat the Wirral 7-2. Five of the games went to best of three, two of which were Wirrals only successes. Zoe and Jack were the brave singles representatives - Jack narrowly winning, and Zoe just being edged out. Steve and Craig, Andy and Jez gave us a clean sweep of mens doubles, Kara and Roxy won their doubles whereas Zoe and Sylvia went down in a best of three in their Ladies. Steve and Roxy, Andy and Sam won their mixed in two, whilst Jack and Kara needed best of three to win theirs. Recently Wirral have been a very strong outfit so this is a very comprehensive and notable result.

The Chester match was slightly closer but we came away with a 6-3 win. This time Zoe and Steve both took their respective singles. Jack and Craig were edged out in a best of three,  and Andy and Jez won their mens doubles being taken the best of three. Roxy and Kara had a good best of three win in the Ladies, with Sylvia and Sam losing theirs in two. Steve and Roxy won their mixed, as did Jack and Sam. Craig and Sylvia lost theirs. Again, Chester have been formidable opponents in recent years so this is some measure of the strength of the squad we took there.

Well done Baxter squad and thank you from the league for making Cheshire County sit up and notice Crewe League. Hon Chairman and Hon Sec might enjoy the next county meeting!

Pictures will be posted in the gallery