Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, Sunday, December 23, 2018

Our latest match was a contest between Holmes Chapel and Northwich. Colin Turnock, Mike Davie, Paul Frith, Gail Armstrong, Sue Mills and Sally Barnett turned out for Holmes Chapel. Lined up against them for Northwich were: Dave Lee, Mark McGlinchey, Dave Gordon, Jane Brumby, Ann Lewis, Glynis Maclachlan. 

Handicappers had of course given due consideration to the event and concluded that Holmes Chapel would need some help, so with Christmas good will abounding they were awarded 104 points against the known sharpshooters of Northwich. Quite a bit of silverware has been heading northwest recently, quietly, with no fanfare. We did not underestimate them. 

In the event all bar one of the games went the way of Northwich. Well done to Sally and Paul who managed to edge out the perennial Mark and Ann 21-8 in the final game. Could that one game overturn the predictions? 

Before handicap then the result came out at 246 to Holmes chapel and 365 to Northwich. Given the 104 handicap Holmes Chapel still fell short by 15 points (0.8 points a game). Great credit to the Handicappers, narrow escape for Mark and Ann, great contest both teams but well done to Northwich who progress to the next round.

Scoresheet attached