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Latest Results
18 Oct Knutsford 'A' v. Alsager 'A' Me 2
14 Oct Weav'm 'A' v. South Ches 'A' Mi 2
13 Oct Canute 'A' v. North'ch 'A' La 2
19 Oct South Ches 'A' v. Canute 'B' Mi 2
13 Oct Canute 'A' v. K'grove 'A' Me 1
23 Oct Congl'n 'A' v. Weav'm 'A' Me 3
12 Oct South Ches 'A' v. Welsh R 'A' Ve 1
21 Oct North'ch 'A' v. Crosses 'A' Mi 1
21 Oct Wols 'A' v. South Ches 'A' Ve 1
18 Oct CEGELEC 'A' v. Weav'm 'A' Mi 2

Pending Results
14 Oct North'ch 'A' v. CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
17 Oct Holmes C 'A' v. South Ches 'A' Me 3
23 Oct Knutsford 'A' v. Crosses 'A' Mi 1
24 Oct Holmes C 'B' v. Crosses 'B' Mi 3
24 Oct Welsh R 'B' v. CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
26 Oct K'grove 'A' v. Goostrey 'A' Me 1
26 Oct South Ches 'A' v. North'ch 'A' La 2
Result Pending, but in date
Result Pending, 5 days overdue
Result Pending, 7 days overdue

This Week's Fixtures
27 Oct Canute 'A' v. Crosses 'A' Mi 1
27 Oct Goostrey 'B' v. CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
28 Oct North'ch 'B' v. Whitfield 'A' Mi 3
28 Oct Goostrey 'B' v. Congl'n 'A' Ve 1
31 Oct Welsh R 'A' v. Crosses 'A' Mi 1
31 Oct Holmes C 'A' v. CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
01 Nov Knutsford 'B' v. Holmes C 'B' Mi 3
02 Nov K'grove 'A' v. Welsh R 'B' Me 1
02 Nov Crosses 'B' v. Weav'm 'A' Me 3
03 Nov Canute 'C' v. South Ches 'A' Me 3
03 Nov Malbank 'A' v. North'ch 'B' Me 4
03 Nov Canute 'A' v. South Ches 'A' La 2
03 Nov CEGELEC 'A' v. Congl'n 'B' Ve 2
04 Nov North'ch 'A' v. Goostrey 'A' Mi 1
04 Nov Weav'm 'A' v. Holmes C 'A' Mi 2
04 Nov Alsager 'A' v. Wols 'A' Me 2
06 Nov Congl'n 'B' v. CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
07 Nov Whitfield 'A' v. Wols 'A' Me 2
07 Nov Crosses 'B' v. South Ches 'A' Me 3
07 Nov C' Meths 'A' v. Crosses 'A' La 1
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