The final session of Junior League was held recently (2nd March) at Holmes Chapel. As usual - the final session is the second of two cumulative rounds where the results of round 3 and round 4 are added together to form a mini championship. Rounds 1 and 2 are used to promote and relegate so teams find their level.

Since the welcome arrival of Altrincham and Sunrise Badminton clubs, the standard has risen and the league is much more competitive now. Division 1 saw these two vying for top spot. Wizards A and Alsager A provided good tests for them but ultimately it was a question of which one would prevail.  The answer was that Altrincham A had enough to top the division with 11 points, to Sunrise A 9 points. Alsager A were unlucky enough not to be able to field their strongest side, otherwise they would have caused some upsets (we believe!).

Division 2 couldn't be as complete in that Alsager B were unable to field their team in round 4, so the cumulative results were based on 5 matches rather than 6 for the three teams above them. Here, Wizards B were unbeaten and ended on maximum points. There was a good battle for second and third place with Sandbach club Crosses having enough to edge out Sunrise B.

In Division 3 Altrincham B showed their pre-eminence with a clean sweep over both rounds. Wizards C and Nantwich fought a good battle for second place with the Wilmslow club just having enough. Shavington struggled this time round.

In Division 4, once again, it was Altrincham and Sunrise looking to dominate. Two other teams, Canute and a hybrid team did not have enough fire power to challenge. This went to the wire. Sunrise C and Altrincham C were level on 10 points so we had to look at the Games won column. Sunrise C had a superior record so they win division 4.

As in previous years, the awards ceremony paid tribute to the many volunteers who make the league possible. This year we have received support from YC Sports with hybrid shuttles facilitated by Gavin Simpson. We are most grateful. The coaches have worked hard, as always, and they deserve much praise for their dedication and skills. On each playing day, many parents have watched and helped out. Well done all. 


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