Published by, 23 August 2020

I wish I could bring good news about a start to the Badminton season - however, I can't. At the moment it is impossible to make any plans given the precarious state of the virus and the mixed approaches to opening up facilities. You probably know the situation with your own club. Across the league we have a very uncertain status. At the time of writing we have only one club (Northwich) able to play according to the restricted conditions laid down by the Government. Elsewhere there are several TBC situations but the answers so far range form Early September (Crosses, Weaverham, Knutsford, Canute, Whitfield), October (Welsh Row, South Cheshire, Wolstanton) till January (Malbank) with a few no answers at present (all users of Everybody plus CEGELEC). In each case there exists the potential for a change of decision based on virus R numbers either locally or nationally. It is impossible to set up a league based on this.

We still cling to the possibility of finishing off last season in some way, and as time goes by this may become more remote but for the time being it is still an option. If we get to January before we can play then a half season may be possible based on playing only one of the home or away fixture in the division. Most cricket leagues adopted this approach starting in July and finishing in mid September. This seems to be working well for our cricketing cousins. There is little in the way of solid information coming from any of the Badminton authorities, they are also in limbo.

For now all we can suggest is to get some Badminton played however you can. if your club is able to re-start then do let me know. The playing restrictions mean that clubs may have to limit the numbers playing on any given occasion. In better times it would be prudent to suggest joining someone else's club night if you cannot play and they have spare capacity. This could be possible but restrictions will probably mean clubs needing to limit play to their own members. I will ask Secretaries to decide on a club policy about guests when they know their own situations a little better and make this known to the league.

This is of course very frustrating but completely unavoidable. In the meantime continue to stay safe and well

Brian Horrocks (Hon Sec)