Published by, Sunday, March 15, 2020


All of our clubs and players are probably now wondering what impact Corona Virus and Government restrictions might impose on us all. Fortunately our season is well advanced and most fixtures have reached 80% completion. We have not as yet felt the need to unduly worry. Other sports are in different positions, particularly the cricket community who are just preparing to set off on their season. As you might imagine - they have serious doubts about starting their season or how it may work out. As things change on a daily basis it is impossible to state anything categorically about our own situation. The text below is an extract from Sport England's latest advice. It is the best I can find at the moment. Needless to say we will keep you fully informed as and when any guidance is given that is relevant to us. In the meantime the usual entreaties to observe strict hygiene practices when playing the game in sports halls apply. Whether you choose to shake hands at the net is a matter for you but be aware that Badminton England suggested not to do so. Sharpen those elbows!

This is from Sport England on 12th March.

We know sport at every level is facing upheaval because of coronavirus (COVID-19) and that this is causing concern and uncertainty. The government has today confirmed that people with mild symptoms should stay at home and self-isolate for seven days. We know that all of this could affect planned events and activities. For now, it doesn't mean you can't still run activities where people gather, and it definitely doesn't mean that people should be discouraged from being active.In fact, given that being fit and healthy acts as a deterrent to most infections, it's crucial that members of the public continue to lead active lives throughout this period, whether that's using a local gym or walking or cycling, where it's possible to do so. Unless there's official advice telling you not to do so, and as long as you follow the government advice on how to avoid catching or spreading the virus, you can continue with things like club sports fixtures, group activities and use leisure facilities. In every scenario, it's clear that hand hygiene is critical and if you're planning to go somewhere that involves using sports equipment, make sure you're thoroughly wiping it down before and after you use it.